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Australia & South Pacific - Wedding Legalities & Paperwork:

1) Australia

2) Fiji

3) The Cook Islands

Australia Wedding Legalities

Marriage Licence:

In Australia there's no need to apply for a marriage licence. Instead couples should send the Australian Authorities a 'Notice of Intended Marriage' form from the UK at least one month before the wedding - see details below.

Minimum Residency Requirement:

There is no minimum residency requirement to get married in Australia (although we'd suggest a couple of days to get over the jet lag!).

Application process:

1) From the UK, download & complete a "Notice of Intended Marriage" (NOIM) form.

You will find a NOIM on the Australian High Commission website or in the Downloads section of the Australian Government website.

2) Sign your NOIM in the presence of - and get it witnessed by - either:

* A UK Notary Public (ie a lawyer - find one local to you on the Notary Society website or ask your Solicitor).


* An Australian Consular Officer at the Australian High Commission in London

3) Once witnessed, the NOIM form should be sent to the Marriage Celebrant or to your friends or relatives in Australia if they are arranging the wedding.

The Marriage Celebrant must receive the NOIM at least one month and a day prior to the date of the proposed wedding (but not more than eighteen months before).

Paperwork to take with you:

Assume that you will need to take passport and birth certificate. Some venues may require photocopies of these ahead of the ceremony and see the originals on the day.

Your Marriage Celebrant will probably also want to see evidence of divorce and/ or widow status if relevant.

Fiji Wedding Legalities

Minimum Residency Requirement:

There is no legal residency in Fiji, but you usually need to arrive at least 3 days before in order to apply for your marriage licence - see below.

Marriage Licence:

Apply in person at the registry office in Fiji. You need to go to the office closest to your wedding venue (there's a list on the Fiji tourist board website).

Applications usually need to be made 3 days in advance. Occasionally the resort will 'bring the registry to you' eliminating the need for the 3 day wait, but check this first!

Prior to leaving the UK and at least 2 weeks before your wedding day you should send the documents listed below (or copies of) to the registrar in Fiji. Your hotel / wedding planner may request they be sent them instead.

* Birth certificate (original) & passport

Additional documents - if applicable:

* Divorce papers &/ or death certificate if widowed

* Written parental consent is required if either party is under 21

* There's a small charge payable in cash on the day.

Cook Island Wedding Legalities:

Minimum Residency requirement:

Couples aren't legally obliged to be in the Cook Islands for any period before their wedding. The licence application can take up to 3 days though so this will need to be factored into your plans.

Marriage Licence:

Couples need to apply in person for their marriage license.

Applications must be made on a weekday, at least 3 days before your wedding day. Sometimes this can be wavered with special permission (and a fee).

Essential documents:

* Birth Certificates (originals or certified copies). NB see 'Paperwork Explained' for details on certifying your documents).

* Your passport

Additional documents - if applicable:

* Divorce papers or death certificate if widowed.