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Feeling stunning on your wedding day is a given – you’re hopelessly in love and you are surrounded by the some of the most special people in your life.

But glowing on the inside doesn’t always materialize on the outside – especially when you’ve been haring around in the run up to the big day.

So we’ve asked a few people in the know for their help.

Real expert advice

Follow the tips from the Pros in Barefoot Body and Hair and Make Up and we guarantee you'll not just look radiant and sexy on your wedding day, but you'll feel it too.

Bespoke treatments to get you ready..

As a special treat, we've teamed up Europe's leading spa Champneys to design the first ever treatments and packages exclusively for the jet set bride. A perfect excuse for a pamper we reckon!

Skin, hair and make up has a bit of a love hate relationship with the sunshine but we've got some great advice from the professionals to make sure it all works to your advantage..


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