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Why get married abroad?

The art of marriage is not only marrying the right person, it is being the right partner.


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Romantic and unique

Going away means you will be starting married life somewhere a little bit different and breathtakingly beautiful.

Luxury wedding at half the price

Weddings abroad are a fraction of the equivalent here, which means you can have that wedding of your dreams without the price tag!

Quality Time

You will be able to indulge and party with a close group of family and friends as opposed to a sprawling crowd.

"Our guests travelled many miles to be at our wedding and that's why it was such a perfect day, we were able to celebrate it with the people that meant the most to us". Mel & Aaron - Australia - read full story.

Stress free and fun

The traditional British wedding with all its rules and etiquette can be so overwhelming! A wedding overseas makes everything just a bit more informal.

And because all the party are in one place, you don't have the worry of who’s arriving and when. No fretting about traffic jams on the M1 holding up the best man.

Guaranteed sunshine

Well we can't promise, but a wedding abroad certainly improves your chances of great weather.