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Weddings in Italy - The Essentials

In Italy, couples can usually have any kind of ceremony, in most locations. But the rules do vary between regions and registrars and different Mayors and Priests, so be sure to check with the local contacts what options are open to you once you've decided where you'd like to marry.

* Civil ceremonies

These are traditionally held in the Town Hall, but increasingly other places and venues are being added to the approved list, making that fairy tale wedding in an Italian castle or village piazza possible. This varies from region to region.

* Religious ceremonies

Being a predominantly Catholic society most church ceremonies will be of that denomination. But it is possible to have a wedding ceremony in other denominations.

Enquiries about religious ceremonies should be made direct to the minister of religion of the particular denomination in Italy. You will probably have to contact your local priest or vicar in the UK to be involved in the preparations too.

* Non-Roman Catholic weddings:

For religious ceremonies outside the Catholic church, the Minister can only bless the marriage after a civil ceremony has been performed first. For this reason many British couples opt for a civil ceremony here in the UK and a blessing in Italy.

A Roman Catholic wedding already has a civil element within the service, so there is no need to have a separate civil ceremony.

It is possible to have a Protestant ceremony outside of a church environment. It will depend on the Priest concerned, so check with your wedding organiser if this is something you would like to do.

Language Barriers

If you are having a civil ceremony in Italy, you are legally obliged to have an approved translator with you. Your travel agent or wedding planner will be able to organise this, or if you are making the arrangements yourself, the British consulate office in the Italian region you are marrying in should be able to provide you with contacts.

There are some English speaking churches in Italy. You can find a list of them in our Contacts section.

Keep updated:

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