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Home or Away?

There are two sorts of romantics.. those who love, and those who love the adventure of loving

Lesley Blanch

Marry at home or away?

Romantic locations don’t come much better than deserted beaches, sparkling turquoise seas, sunny days and star spangled nights….

Which is why more couples than ever are swapping the traditional British ceremony for a wedding that takes them somewhere closer to paradise.

1 in 6 British couples now travel abroad to get married which means that there's more choice and less hassle than ever before.

Helping you decide..

But getting married abroad isn't for everyone. For those that do take the plunge, it can still feel like venturing into unchartered waters!

To help steer you on your way, click on the sections below. Or if you're already past that and just want to get away from it all, go exploring in Where in the World.

Is it for You?

Skip through the pros and cons to help you figure out if you'd really be happy to leave the tradition behind for something a little more adventurous.

Deciding Factors

Tick these off before moving onto the planning stage.

How To Do It

Time to start planning. Read about the 3 different ways to organise a wedding abroad to help you decide which will work best for you both.

Paperwork Explained

If you are confused by the whole legality thing don’t worry. All the answers are right here.