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Deciding Factors

Live the life you've dreamed

Henry David Thoreau

What is your perfect wedding abroad?

Ok, so you've decided that a wedding abroad is for you. Now what?

To make the planning of your wedding easy, it really helps to make some key decisions early on.

First, think about what you and your fiancé picture for your dream wedding. Anything goes at this point!

Then start prioritising – what’s most important and what are you happy to compromise on? One element is likely to narrow your choices (if you want to marry in November on a warm beach for example, forget Europe).

Practical things to consider:

* Date

In the most popular destinations - especially if you want to marry on a Saturday during school holidays - you often need to book up to a year ahead. Some other places may need a few weeks to process location permits or marriage licences.

* Destination

Long haul or closer to home? Authentic France or glamourous LA?

* Ceremony & venue type

Think about where you would both like to say your vows, who you would like to marry you and where you would like to party afterwards.

* Guest numbers

Who would your day not be complete without and what will be your cut-off? Do you want all of your guests to be in the same hotel or are you happy for everyone to be in different accommodation?

* Budget

Are you going to pay for any of your guests' travel and/ or accommodation? Who is paying.. Parents? You? Both?

Once you've got a good basic idea what you're both after, you can decide how you're going to make it happen.

Check out our How to do it guide for a run down of your options or just jump to Where in the World for some lovely venue inspiration!