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How to plan a wedding abroad?

Here at Barefoot Bride we know that you are a person as well as a bride-to-be, so dedicating every waking hour to planning your wedding abroad just isn’t going to and shouldn't happen!

This section is all about helping you find out which method of organising your wedding will work best for you and your fiancé.

Where to start?

There are essentially 3 ways to organise an overseas wedding from the UK. Click on the tabs below to get the pros and cons for each one.

Don't forget...

However you decide to plan, travel insurance alone will not cover your wedding abroad. Taking out separate wedding insurance will give you total peace of mind. We're currently looking into the best company and will share our recommendations soon!

A travel agent or tour operator can book your wedding, the travel, the accommodation and the honeymoon. There are hundreds out there with a wide range of services and options to help you plan your wedding abroad.