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Filming Your Wedding Abroad

Some of your guests may well bring along their own domestic digital cameras but most couples would rather ask a professional to film the official version. The venue may offer this service as part of their package or recommend a local contact.

If you are hiring someone the same precautions apply as when hiring a stills photographer. Have a quick read of those here.

Things to Check When Booking a Cameraman:

* How will they be capturing the sound (ie an additional sound person, personal microphones or camera microphone)?

* What kind of editing, titles and music will be involved?

* Delivery of your wedding film (ie what format, when will you receive it & do you get the original rushes tapes)?

* How much for additional DVDs?

* Discuss copyright with your supplier - ie will they request any if you decide to publish your video on YouTube or similar?

Expert Tip

" If the person who is marrying you is happy to wear a tiny personal microphone, this will not only record their voice but it should pick up the bride and groom too, ensuring the most important part of your ceremony is heard clearly on the film. Especially important if its a breezy day or if you are marrying right by the crashing surf!"

Your Wedding Day Live

Some locations offer the facility to upload your wedding & stream it live over the internet for family and friends to watch back at home. If it’s not a service already on offer, see if a local web cast company can do it for you.

If you can't afford to hire someone, you could ask one of your guests to do it. Some domestic digital video cameras now have the facility to upload directly to YouTube. The recording is limited to 10 mins (YouTube max duration), so whoever is doing the recording needs to know when the vows are about to start!

Click here to find out about the JVC 'sharing made simple' camera. Casio offers a similar product.

Turn your Wedding Pictures into a Film..

If you decide not to film your wedding, you can still make a video of it from your wedding photographs.

America based Animoto have developed software that enables you to easily turn your stills into a short professional video, complete with your choice of music, which you can send out to family and friends, post on Youtube, add to your desktop – whatever. Click here for more details.