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Wedding Abroad Photography

Tips to get the best photographs for your wedding abroad..

* If you are booking a photographer locally, ask your wedding planner or hotel for recommendations and then ask to see previous work.

* Be clear about what style you want - all couples have different photographs in mind - from formal set up shots to more casual reportage. Don't leave your photographer guessing.

Remember standards and equipment varies around the world. So be sure to agree on your package before your wedding day. Find out:

- Number of photographs included

- Hours worked on the day

- Copyright (do they keep negatives?)

- Delivery of photographs (when and how?)

- Any extras?

* Check if the photographer can upload the shots to a website (your personal one preferably) and if so, is this at an extra cost?

* See if you can meet them when you arrive in the country.

* Find out how well they know your chosen venue.

* Let your photographer know your plan for the day. They will then be able to work out how much time is available to concentrate on snaps and think ahead about the best vantage point for key or surprise moments.

* It may sounds obvious, but remember your photographer won’t know anyone. Assign the best man the job of helping, rounding up the guests you definitely want shots with.

* Bear in mind that some photographers will ask you to sign a waiver to use your shots in magazines and adverts. Let them know in advance if you don’t want this.

* Have a few friends take shots too just in case!

Make your own wedding story book..

Why not make your own bespoke album complete with tales from the day? Lots of companies (online and on the high street) now offer the facility to easily combine your images with text, making the standard wedding album a whole lot more special.

Prices start at around £7 depending on size of the book you are creating.

If you have a Mac, Iphoto is very good for this or try 'Blurb' who have a very user friendly approach. Click here to visit their website.

Turn your wedding pictures into a wedding video..

If you decide not to film your wedding, you can still make a video of it from your wedding photographs.

American based Animoto have developed software that enables you to easily turn your stills into a short professional video, complete with your choice of music.

You can then send it out to family and friends, post on Youtube, add to your desktop – whatever. Click here to check them out.