The art of marriage is not only marrying the right person, it is being the right partner.


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Thailand & Indonesia - Wedding Essentials

Ceremony options:


A religious ceremony on its own is not recognised as being valid under Thai law. You must also have a civil ceremony.

99% of all Thai's are Buddhist. It is possible to incorporate a buddhist element into your wedding ceremony - your hotel or wedding organiser will be able to advise.

You can have a civil ceremony pretty much anywhere you want in Thailand, as long as you avoid religious ground.


Each region in Indonesia has its own customs and traditions when conducting a wedding ceremony.

As in Thailand, a religious ceremony held on its own in Indonesia is not recognised as being valid under local law. You must also have a civil ceremony if you want a religious wedding.

But in Indonesia one can't happen without the other. There are 2 elements to a legal wedding - the first part is conducted by a Minister, Priest or other religious representative.

Then a second ceremony follows and is performed by the Indonesian Government Registry Officials. The second civil ceremony is the legal element, but the Indonesian Authorities won't recognise any marriage as legal unless it has also had a religious element to it as well.

Best time to marry?

The best time to visit Thailand is November to March when the days are mostly dry and the humidity lower, although Koh Samui is best from June to September. Flights are around 11 hours direct with the option of 4 airlines.

In Indonesia, rainy season is December to March.

Entry Requirements:

British Citizens can enter Thailand & Indonesia for up to 30 days without a visa. Indonesia will issue you with a Visa on Arrival (VOA). You will need proof of return or onward ticket.

You need at least 6 months on your passport to visit both regions. Entry to Thailand will be refused if your passport is damaged or missing pages.

Do we need jabs?

There are no compulsory inoculations for Thailand. Precautions against Malaria and Hepatitis B/typhoid vaccinations are recommended if you plan on travelling onwards to Northern Thailand or near to the borders of the Mekhong regions.

World health is always changing - be sure to chat to your local GP before travelling or get the latest Government supplied information online at the National Travel Health Network & Centre website or from FitforTravel.

Other information

Stay safe...this part of the world has its fair share of unrest, with some areas attracting more unwanted attention than others.

For all of the most up to date travel advice and to get information on the safest places to visit, please visit the Thailand pages on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's website.

Local tip

Why not wait to you arrive to sort out the grooms wardrobe? Thailand is known for its fabulous tailoring skills, so as long as you've got a few days before the ceremony, why not get a bespoke outfit made for the man of the moment?