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Wedding Abroad - The Groom's Outfit

* Firstly consider whether you want the key men in the party to wear the same style and colour or if you are happy for everyone to dress as they like.

If the former can they hire in the location or will UK shops be happy for groups to take their suits out of the country?

* Shorts are an obvious choice in hot climates and there's a range available from crisp and casual to very smart.

* Flips flops only for the man with more beautiful feet than you!

* Bear in mind weight of the suit and the fabric so he’s not going to swelter in the heat.

* Give the best man an idea of what you’re wearing so your husband to be doesn't come out clashing.

* Get your man to pack a couple of shirts for himself for the wedding day.. there’s lots of lipstick flying around and he’ll probably appreciate a quick change for the evening celebrations, after being under the sun and in the spotlight all day!

Where to buy the Groom's outfit?

NB - Click on the sub-headings to visit the featured websites..

Jasper Conran

Conran launched his first made to measure service in 2008 with a collection that combines elegance with a modern cut. His lightweight silk cotton suits make an ideal choice for a wedding abroad.

Book an appointment online through the website. The service takes 12 weeks from first fitting.

Hugh Harris

Multiple award winning supplier of menswear to hire or buy. WIth a genuinely comprehensive range, including designer labels such as Ted Baker and Ozwald Boateng of Savile Row, your man should be able to find something he loves for your big day.


Browse all the top brands in this quintessential British emporium. Time it with their great sales and your fiance could walk away with a designer outfit at a knock down price and treat himself to a bit of pre wedding pampering in their Murdock Grooming salon as a reward! Friendly staff and quick alteration service available too.

PS Liberty also has its own bridal salon if you're also in town and fancy getting some inspiration!

Tailor made options that won't break the bank

* There is a website that will create a bespoke suit for your fiance from the UK. A suit that fits allows you to enter measurements online and choose the fit and style from hundreds of options.

A suit is then hand sewn in Nepal and shipped back. There are three london branches if you want to make sure measurements are spot on!

* Or if you are heading to a country that is reknown for their tailoring (eg Thailand) and you are arriving with plenty of time to spare, why not consider waiting and getting your man's suit made out there?

* You could of course employ the skills of a local tailor here at home. They will make a perfect made-to-measure suit incorporating all of your fiance's idiosyncrasies and it need not cost a bomb.

Google tailors in your area and don’t be shy about asking for photographs of suits they’ve made. Check out references before committing and get a sense of timing.

Don’t be a snob about sales!

* In bonanza January and summer sales, your fiance can pick up designer labels for half the usual price.

* Don’t dismiss charity shops. Get your man to up-market areas in your nearest town or city and he could pick up a bargain.

Groom's Tip

“Me and my best man made a day of it - we had a hit list of five stores in London and, between a pint or two, got through them all. We found the perfect suit at a bargain price in Liberty’s and they did all the alterations in under a week.” Justin, 37 - married in Bali.

Grooming Advice

Even if your man is usually the rough and ready type there are a few simple steps he can make to ensure he feels he's made a little bit of effort for the day.

Check out Barefoot Champneys for a spa package thats guaranteed to put the focus on skin and relaxation for your man and you.