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Wedding Abroad - The Best Man

Your Best Man is the fixer – the liaison between the wedding party and your venue organisers.

Key Roles:

* In charge of the groom’s wardrobe and ensuring everything is pressed pristine and ready to go

* Have a checklist of who needs paying what and when

* Ensure guests are where they should be at the specified time

* Be the photographers gofer

* Make sure the food and drinks are where they should be.

Most important role:

To take the stress off you, give you best man the job of looking after all the formal paperwork. He can be across the passports of the bride, groom and witnesses (usually needed before the ceremony can start).

Sometimes passports need copying so the best man needs to know where the nearest photocopier is to avoid last minute panics.

“As best man at a wedding abroad there’s still alot to keep on top of, but I found the whole day a lot less stressful without all the paraphernalia of a traditional British wedding.

My main job was steadying the groom’s nerves and one of my favourite memories was a nip of brandy in a quiet corner just before we made our way down to the beach to await the bride - happy days!" Rob, best man for Lee in Italy