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Wedding Abroad - Photos & Film

If you have decided to get married abroad, you will want to make sure you have some fabulous images that capture the day. Not just for you, but also for friends and family who will be dying see this picture postcard setting you’ve chosen to marry in.

Some couples assign their more creative friends and family the task, but most couples prefer the assurance that only a professional can bring. That usually comes at quite a price and foreign wedding photographers are no exception.

Packages and deals can vary between photographer and country, so take a moment to read our guides here to make sure you come away with exactly what you want.

What are Your options?

* Many ‘packaged’ weddings sold through a travel agent offer a photographer as part of the deal. They will be local to the venue and it’s unlikely there will be much of a choice.

* If you are organizing the wedding independently, then finding and contracting the photographer will be down to you.

* Most couples hire a photographer in their wedding destination. A local will know the light - which can vary hugely between countries - and the environment.

* There are a few UK based wedding photographers who specialise in ceremonies abroad. You obviously pay more for their services, but some couples feel it’s worth it for the personal service and reassurance they bring. We're currently checking out the best ones on your behalf and will be posting up the photographers we trust to deliver the goods, soon!

Most people are happy snappers these days but when it comes to your wedding photographs, you want to be sure you're getting the best results.

Whoever you ask to take your wedding photographs, here's some friendly professional advice we think you might find helpful.