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USA Wedding Essentials

Best time to marry?

California is great whenever you decide to visit but with 12 different regions the weather can vary.

Chances are you will be getting married in the Los Angeles area, where clear blue skies seem to bless the place pretty much all year round. If you want to be sure of dry, warm sunshine, head over during our summer time - from April onwards.

As you would expect from 'The Sunshine State', Florida is a favourite year round destination. The most sunshine can be enjoyed during peak season from October to April. The official hurricane season runs from June to November.

Entry Requirements:

British visitors to the USA need an ESTA - Electronic System for Travel Authorisation - to enter the country. This is applied for online and its recommended that you apply at least 72 hours before travelling.

It's free and you can apply without your accommodation and flight details if necessary (but you'll need to add in later).

Click here to find out more about an ESTA and to apply online.

Better to be safe..

For the very latest official travel advice for America, be sure to read the information, as well as simple hints and tips provided by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Local Tips

In Florida you can have your wedding at any location you wish. But for the ultimate romance, why not head for one of the Gulf coast beaches for a beautiful sunset wedding, or organise a ceremony on the east coast to catch the sun as it rises?