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What to Wear?

Choosing the outfit for your wedding abroad is one of the most exciting parts of the planning.

But it can be stressful. Intimidating shop assistants, prices that are out of your budget or hunting down a summery dress in the middle of the British winter can all turn a joyous task into something akin to mission impossible.

Because we've been there too, we thought we'd try and help by putting together an unpretentious guide to finding and buying the most special outfit of your life.

Find the dress of your dreams

Trust us when we say your perfect wedding dress is out there! This section is dedicated to helping you find it - with a simple guide to couture vs high street, a little black book of our favourite designers from all catwalks of life, plus expert advice on how to wear it well.

Bags, shoes and sparklies

Accessories are so much more than finishing touches. Spend some time finding the right shoes and jewellery and you will feel a million dollars. Check out some of the country's most unusual and stunning collections in this section.

For hubby to be

Last but by no means least, we've got some ideas for how to make that very important man in your life look almost as fabulous as you.

So if he's scratching his head wondering how on earth he's going to find something resembling smart for a beach, you might want to forward this bit onto him.